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A new approach to measure poverty

Škare, Marinko and Pržiklas, Romina (2007) A new approach to measure poverty. In: 4th International Conference "Global Challenges for Competitiveness: Business and Government Perspective", 27-29. 9. 2007., Pula, Croatia.

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One of the main reasons for measuring poverty is a comparison of poverty and the perception of how long the poverty has existed. The timely and correct information about the indicators of poverty will influence the formation of appropriate measures of social and economic policy and indirectly the decrease in poverty. The former researches have been based on the analysis of income and consumption as well as on the subjective estimates of the polled samples but a unique measure which could identify the phenomenon over a period have not been found as yet. The determination of “poverty threshold” presents a significant problem while measuring the range of poverty. The poverty threshold used to be based on the economic depravity, whereas, nowadays, with the development of the standards of living and the influence of numerous changes in society, an imperative is placed on the social depravity. An absolute measure of poverty has used economic depravity. The official poverty threshold has reflected an absolute minimum. A relative poverty threshold has used social depravity and has been based on the estimates of respondents on their position in society and that was a decisive factor in the determination of poverty. New measuring and new approaches give an imperative to the relative poverty threshold but it is still questionable whether the measure that was set up and statistically accepted in 1960 can still serve its purpose and how we can bring it up to date in order to obtain accurate statistical data.

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Tip objekta: Materijal konferencije ili radionice (Paper)
Dodatne informacije: 4/2007
Ključni pojmovi: measuring poverty, approaches to measuring poverty, social welfare function, mjerenje siromaštva, peistupi mjerenju siromaštva, socijalna funkcija blagostanja.
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