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Elements of new economy and their importance for the competitiveness of service companies in Croatia

Šverko, Ivan and Benazić, Dragan (2007) Elements of new economy and their importance for the competitiveness of service companies in Croatia. In: 4th International Conference "Global Challenges for Competitiveness: Business and Government Perspective", 27-29. 9. 2007., Pula, Croatia.

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The rapid development of new services in developed western countries and the development of a new market model based on digital information and communication technology enables a rapid diffusion of new ideas and knowledge that play a crucial role in the development and sustenance of a company’s competitive ability. The economic globalization keeps strengthening the intensity of competition also between the service companies where the strategy of imitation of services is frequent because the legal protection of the intellectual property – intangible goods, such as the services – is rare. It is for this reason that with a fast implementation of new knowledge and information gained through the networking of their communication, service providing companies in developed countries attempt to achieve certain competitive advantages and strengthen their competitive abilities on the market. There is no sufficient scientific knowledge on the practices of service companies in Croatia in this area, especially with respect to the presence of elements of modern economy. The researches of this area on micro-levels, especially of small and medium-sized companies, are rare. In such conditions where the community is insufficiently informed about the conditions of the mentioned activities in this economic sector, an increased economic growth and development is expected however it lacks sufficient scientific grounds for such expectations. It is because of this evaluation of the conditions in our country that it was found to be socially justified to research the presence of new economy elements in the practice of service companies in Croatia, the scientific circles and wider public. This theme may also find its foothold in the announcement of the policy of Croatian authorities for the realisation of the goal: Croatia, land of knowledge.

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Tip objekta: Materijal konferencije ili radionice (Paper)
Dodatne informacije: 4/2007
Ključni pojmovi: elements of new economy, service companies, digitalized networks, competitive ability, service innovation, internet economy, elementi nove ekonomije, uslužne kompanije, digitalizirane mreže, konkurentska sposobnost, ekonomija Interneta.
Teme: 3 Društvene znanosti > 33 Ekonomija. Ekonomska znanost > 330 Ekonomija općenito > 330.1 Ekonomska znanost. Osnovni ekonomski pojmovi, teorija. Vrijednost. Kapital. Fondovi
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