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Evaluating the process of logistic and outsourcing

Završnik, Bruno and Jerman, Damjana (2007) Evaluating the process of logistic and outsourcing. In: 4th International Conference "Global Challenges for Competitiveness: Business and Government Perspective", 27-29. 9. 2007., Pula, Croatia.

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Operating conditions in logistic industry with the accession to European Union change considerably. Slovenia has already joined to European Union, but also other transition countries in the Former Yugoslavian countries will face the time of accession to the European common market. Therefore, for companies operating in those markets primary goal is to extensively prepare for the new business environment. Slovenian logistical companies have stressed the issue of adjusting the number of employees to the scope and structure of operations following Slovenia’s accession to the European Union. Competition among logistical companies is increasing because of these changing market conditions in the Former Yugoslavian countries. Slovenian logistical companies are adapting to new common European market. They are reacting to strong competition in logistics industry by becoming more involved in the supplier selection process, by outsourcing logistical services and by becoming more critical, detailed, and comparative in their supplier evaluation. Logistics companies in Former Yugoslavian countries are adapting to development guidelines at various levels. Like Mentzer, Myers, Cheung (2004) argued logistics offerings are subject to differences across countries. Logistics service expectations differ across national and cultural boundaries, enhanced personal interaction frequently occurs in service settings, and service use patterns frequently differ across countries as well as more traditional influences such as timeliness and responsiveness. Overall, in this paper is to present a research, the objectives of which are: to review the existing literature in logistics as a functional system and the outsourcing of logistics activities, to outline different set of criteria for choosing the most suitable logistics provider, and to explore which indicators customers use to evaluate their logistical suppliers,to identify the significant outsourcing logistical activities, and to examine who is taking the buying decision of logistics in sample companies. The paper consists of two parts. First, the theoretical foundation for the outsourcing of logistical services and for the analysis of manager’s perception of characteristics of logistics provider is provided. Second, the empirical analysis, based on the primary data collected is presented. The results will render possible the preservation of the competitivity of the logistics services on the Slovenian market.

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Tip objekta: Materijal konferencije ili radionice (Paper)
Dodatne informacije: 4/2007
Ključni pojmovi: Logistical services, Outsourcing, Logistical provider, Logistics, logističke usluge, logistički dobavljač, logistika.
Teme: 6 Tehnologija (primijenjene znanosti) > 65 Menadžment i organizacija industrije, trgovine i komunikacija > 65.01 Metode i metodologija. Teorija i praksa organizacije > 65.012.34 Logistika
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