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Developing management strategies in Croatia: Influence of knowledge and technology

Dabić, Marina and Banerjee, Sisir K. (2003) Developing management strategies in Croatia: Influence of knowledge and technology. In: Globalization and Entrepreneurship: Fears, Challenges and Opportunities, 24-26.4.2003, Pula, Croatia.

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Technology has become a central feature of most businesses and because of this many countries now give high priority to technology in economic development. Foreign investors will find it cheaper to go elsewhere and it will become essential to compete with use of technology. Thus, a country's capacity to modernize it institutions and infrastructure has a huge impact on the ability of firms who do business within its jurisdiction to function effectively. The identification of these changes, and the capacities needed for appropriate modernization, is the focus of this paper. Firms, like athletes, are the competitors, but they do not make or enforce the rules. But whereas technological change in most sports is quite gradual, and the changes in infrastructure and rules are also gradual, new technologies can force abrupt and even revolutionary changes upon markets. Technology sensing, in this respect, is a critical input to the development of a strong technology-driven structural configuration for a market-driven firm. This implies that companies need to develop the ability to operate effectively across international boundaries in multiple diverse markets. The learning process of the companies in the transition countries and the international companies undergoes the cycle in the C-space. Knowledge is seen to change from key, to base, to mature, to emerging in a cycle form. The primary purpose was to examine the effects of environmental volatility on strategy, technology and organisational structure. Most of the hypotheses were orientated towards environmental dynamism’s and their impact on organisational and strategy orientations, but, on technology, some interesting findings were reached that are relevant to the subject of this paper.

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Tip objekta: Materijal konferencije ili radionice (Paper)
Dodatne informacije: 2/2003
Ključni pojmovi: technological policy, globalisation, technology acquisition, knowledge management, C-space, Globalizacija, tehnološka akvizicija, vođenje znanjem.
Teme: 6 Tehnologija (primijenjene znanosti) > 65 Menadžment i organizacija industrije, trgovine i komunikacija > 65.01 Metode i metodologija. Teorija i praksa organizacije
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URI: http://eknjiznica.unipu.hr/id/eprint/1843

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