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Contribution to the research of natural monopoly regulation on the basis of incremental costs

Santini, Ivan and Šego, Boško (2003) Contribution to the research of natural monopoly regulation on the basis of incremental costs. In: Globalization and Entrepreneurship: Fears, Challenges and Opportunities, 24-26.4.2003, Pula, Croatia.

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In the sense of determining monopoly prices that exploit customers according to economic point of view, a need for regulation of harmful behavior of the natural monopoly has been present for a long time and not only in practice but in economic theory as well. In both cases, there is a rescuer in the state i.e. one subject that is able to satisfy this need. On the one hand, protagonists of the practice require enactment of certain laws and that is already known under the name of antitrust laws. On the other hand, however, economic theoreticians, on the occasion of taxation or determination of administrative price of product of the natural monopoly, see possibility of customers’ protection from economic exploitation. All these efforts until today, however, did not produce adequate and satisfying solution. The first purpose of this article is to point out reasons why solutions failed to occur, and then to show how the best solution can be articulated by using the concept of incremental costs. The successful realization of these two purposes leads us directly to one another purpose, which is very important for Croatian circumstances, and that is that Republic of Croatia and Croatian enterprises will have to confront themselves very soon with the need of, as well as possible, regulation of the monopoly behavior with objective to protect domicile consumers from economic exploitation.

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Tip objekta: Materijal konferencije ili radionice (Paper)
Dodatne informacije: 2/2003
Ključni pojmovi: Monopoly Price, Administrative Price, Incremental Costs, Multiphase Allocation of Overhead and Common Costs, Harmonization of Regulation, Protection of domicile Customers, monopolističke cijene, administrativna cijena,inkrementalni troškovi, multifazna dodjela dodatnih i općih troškova, harmonizacija regulacije, zaštita domaćih potrošača.
Teme: 3 Društvene znanosti > 33 Ekonomija. Ekonomska znanost > 338 Gospodarsko stanje. Gospodarska politika. Upravljanje gospodarstvom. Gospodarsko planiranje. Proizvodnja. Usluge. Cijene > 338.5 Cijene. Formiranje cijena. Troškovi
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