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A Tabu search Approach Towarsd Congestion and Total Flow

Boljunčić, Valter (2004) A Tabu search Approach Towarsd Congestion and Total Flow. Inetrnational Journal of System Science and System Engineering.

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This paper considers rearrangeable multihop lightwave networks whereby each network node is equipped with a number p of transmitters and receivers, and a spectrum of wavelengths is accessible by, and shared among, all nodes by using the Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM). Depending on input traffic flow, nodal transmitters and receivers can be re-tuned to create virtual connectivity best suited with respect to a given optimization criterion. We present an efficient heuristic algorithm that combines two criteria for optimization: throughput maximization, as well as total flow minimization. Throughput maximization criterion is equivalent to congestion minimization, while minimizing total flow under the assumption of having links with equal lengths implies minimization of the average number of hops. Taking into account lengths of the links (i.e. link costs proportional with distances), the total flow minimization becomes equivalent to the total delay minimization. Tabu search is implemented as a two phase strategy dealing with diversification as well as intensification of search. Computational experiments include consecutive runs with different sets of weights associated with the two criteria. Results for a benchmark set of problems are presented.

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Ključni pojmovi: heuristic solvability, tabu search, multihop rearrangeable optical networks
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