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The role of tourism in the protection of cultural and historical heritage

Dujmović, Mauro and Etinger, Darko and Vitasović, Aljoša (2009) The role of tourism in the protection of cultural and historical heritage. In: Challenges for analysis of the economy, the businesses, and social progress. Universitas Szeged Press, pp. 232-242. ISBN 978-963-88468-3-9

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Tourism has become a global phenomenon in a relatively short period comprising with its number of participants almost one of the most massive appearances in the world. However, such an abrupt expansion leads to negative effects as well reflected in the excessive exploitation of natural and social resources and even challenging the concept of sustainability. Development factors such as the pace of growth and development of a destination, the efficacy, efficiency and inventiveness are often in opposition to principles of sustainability. The introduction of the principle of systematic planning results in positive tourism externalities, which should include all tourism participants who directly or indirectly influence various processes in tourism. Attractive elements of space must be complemented with additional activities and the excellence of a destination is measured exclusively through achieved experience embodying all elements of a tourism offer. The aim of this paper is to indicate the way in which the sustainable touristic valorisation of cultural and historical heritage may have a positive impact on tourism offer repositioning and what should be done in order to formulate price in relation to restraints. Space, environment and cultural and historical heritage must not have an exclusively touristic purpose. Therefore, it is not possible to apply an economic evaluation method but the method of balance between protection and tourist demand instead, which enables market differentiation and orientation to market segments of higher quality.

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