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The welfare state: what does the future hold?

Krtalić, Sandra (2007) The welfare state: what does the future hold? In: International Conference Proceedings: Global Challenges for Competitiveness: Business and Government Perspective, 2007, Pula.

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During the passed centuries, the social protection systems have been developed from very modest origins into complex and comprehensive systems. Various models of a welfare state face significant challenges and changes in the post-industrial societies nowadays, in the global environment. Globalization and the European integration have produced a new surrounding for the social policy of EU member and non-member counties. Although the most of social protection problems are decided at national level, existence of the international market should be considered before any social-political decisions are made. Despite the diversity between national systems, there is a distinct European Social Model in that all national systems of EU countries are marked by the consistency between economic efficiency and social progress. Globalisation, like other key drivers of change, puts the European Social Model under pressure and leads to the need to adapt it. Many of old ways of thinking on which the social protection system have been constructed slowly but absolutely surely, must change in 21st century. What does the future hold? Since the challenges are considerable, there are different approaches and possibilities for financing of social protection. Each should be considered objectively in each country and in accordance with global conditions to ascertain the welfare state.

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