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Military expenditures in the maelstrom of the globalized world

Krtalić, Sandra and Major, Aleksandar (2010) Military expenditures in the maelstrom of the globalized world. Ekonomska istraživanja (2). pp. 142-161. ISSN 1331-677X

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The concept of military expenditures is as old as the first antic civilizations. The military, as the first and only line of defense, has always had a great role in the expenditures of countries. Military expenditures changed through history, as has the very understanding of the armed forces which represented the military might of a country. Through the evolution of society many other priorities have emerged concerning state expenditures, but because of their focus on population defense, upholding peace and protecting the country borders as the first and primary forms of public goods, have the military expenditures kept their steadfastness through the entire human history. The globalized world we live in today has changed all this, especially when speaking about insuring the safety of our country against foreign and domestic threats. The development of technology and the globalization itself have drastically changed the concept of waging war and as a result influenced the very structure and level of military expenditures. The level of technology is one of the best indicators of a countries development, but also of the power of its military force. Naturally, military might is very hard to sustain without equally adequate economical power since a developed economy and a strong industry is exactly what enables the development of defense potentials of a country and it’s financing.

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