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Teaching Alternatives to Neoliberalism - A Faculties of Economics' Response to the Financial Crisis

Grgorinić, Sabina (2009) Teaching Alternatives to Neoliberalism - A Faculties of Economics' Response to the Financial Crisis. In: 8th International Conference "Challenges of Europe: Financial Crisis and Climate Change", Proceedings , 2009, Split.

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In the way economics is taught today the students are not encouraged to question the main principles of presented theories. It could be said that there is only one dominant theory in the economics curriculum, a neoclassical (neoliberal) theory. However, the students are not advised to examine and question the main principles, philosophy and goals that are behind this theory. The result of such narrow approach is that students, i. e. future businessmen, or statesmen, take the neoliberal capitalist system for granted without considering alternative economic systems. It is up to the Croatian Faculties of Economics to start the discussion about the dominant form of capitalism, whose global influence on the world could be seen as one of the crucial causes of the current financial crisis. The economics curriculum should be reformed in order to include pluralism of economic ideas and thoughts and to cultivate interdisciplinary approach to the complex economics issues, and in that way bring the economics higher education programs closer to the Real World. The European model of eco-social- market economy and its basic principles and ideas should be therefore especially thoroughly studied. In the time of global financial crisis, when the public searches for answers, Croatian Faculties of Economics should act according to their role as the public scientific institutions and therefore open up to the study, teaching and communicating the ideology and scope of neoliberal capitalism and especially its alternatives, to the society as a whole.

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