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"Europeanization" of education: challenges for accession countries

Krbec, Denisa (2004) "Europeanization" of education: challenges for accession countries. In: Transition countries in the knowledge society : socioeconomic analysis. Institut društvenih znanosti Ivo Pilar, Zagreb, pp. 375-390. ISBN 953-6666-38-3

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In the Communication "Towards Europe of Knowledge", the European Commission for the first time officially set out the guidelines for future action by EU member-states in the areas of education, training and youth for the period 2000-2006. The process is directly linked to the aim of developing a lifelong learning strategy, which the Union has set itself to promote the highest level of applied knowledge. The Communication was adopted as a further step toward improving the coordination between education policies and their social effects on the development of human potentials. Furthermore, the idea of a 'European education space', similar to the proposal for the 'European research area' is fundamental to the contemporary structuring of the EU. In this frame of references a particular problem in the 'Europeanization' of education is presented with respect to higher education. This paper focuses the creation of a strategy for changes in Croatian education policy. Despite current debates and adoption of the Scientific Research and Higher Education Law in July 2003, a general academic consensus has already been moving toward establishing a form of international standards, especially in the context of Croatia's approach toward joining the European Union. Despite radical reconstruction of different inter-organizational and procedural academic activities, the creation of a 'European education space' at all levels is the basis of a faster and more efficient integration and implementation of knowledge, training and work in this new Europe.

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