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Situation and features of craft in the Republic of Croatia

Bušelić, Marija and Križman Pavlović, Danijela (2005) Situation and features of craft in the Republic of Croatia. In: 3rd International Conference "Entrepreneurship and Macroeconomic Management", Pula.

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Craft in Croatia has a long lasting tradition ; it was the skeleton for the economy and the start of industrial production. The purpose of this work is to establish the historical role of the craft for the Croatian economic development with the aim of showing the need for the use of strategy of development for small business - craft. The result of the research shows that craft was neglected in Croatian economy during a long term period. Craft is, now, on the beginning of the process of its revival and it started with a new development during the process of privatization in the 1990's. This is an expected consequence of structural adjustments of "big systems", which, in the new circumstances, could not adjust quality in the changing circumstances in the environment. In spite of insufficient stimulating measures and aggravated conditions, craft has successfully made business. We validate this with the fact that share of persons employed in craft in total Croatian employment was 7.6% in the 1991 while in the 2003 it was 17.4% although the total employment in Croatia for 2003 was almost identical to the one in 1991. Starting from basic significance of craft for the entire development, the implementation of Government's strategy on development of craft should become more efficient.

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