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In the Shadow of Time: Reflections on ephemerality, knowledge and imagination

Radovan, Mario (2009) In the Shadow of Time: Reflections on ephemerality, knowledge and imagination. Rijeka: Digital Point..

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Time has been called by countless figurative names; a familiar stranger could be the most appropriate among them, because that is what time has been and such it will remain forever. I claim in this book that time does not exist in the objective sense, as an ingredient of the objective reality; things are changing: they are constantly becoming and vanishing, and that is all. People express and quantify their experiences of change by projecting them onto the abstract coordinate of the space of discourse, called time. The book consists of four parts. The first part speaks about the time we feel. We perceive the changing of reality in which we live, as well as our own changing. People are restless creatures by their nature; I claim that the sense of limitation and ephemerality is the main moving force which powers human physical and mental activities. The second part deals with the time we know. We cannot really know that which does not exist; but we know the changing of all things, which does exist. Time is the means by which we try to express and to measure the amount and intensity of change. In the third part I put forward an outline of religious narratives, because they offer people various ways that transcend time and lead to eternity. My discourse about religion is mainly critical, but I admit that religion also has a positive psychological and social role. In the fourth part I address the issue of the meaning of life, in the context of its ephemerality and limitations. The traditional way of answering the question of meaning has been by embracing a religious teaching, because these teachings offer visions of existence that transcend those limitations which make people ask for the meaning of existence. Other ways on which people seek and try to create the meaning of their existence are the way of technological power, the way of friendly relationships with others, and the way of aesthetic experience and creation. Each of these ways can bring great excitements and satisfaction to people, but none of them should be followed in the way that excludes the others.

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