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Waiting for Hermes: Reflections on Information Technology and Society

Radovan, Mario (2007) Waiting for Hermes: Reflections on Information Technology and Society. Rijeka: Digital Point..

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Ever since the beginnings of civilization, people have been reflecting on the impact of technological power on human life and on the relationships among people and communities. The story goes that Prometheus was the one who bestowed technical skills upon people, with the aim to help them; but his magnanimous gesture went wrong from the very beginning because people started to use their technological power in destructive ways. To resolve the problem, Zeus sent his messenger Hermes to impart to people the ability to use their new power in a constructive and benevolent way. Human history indicates that the messenger of Zeus had probably been entertained on the way; the title of this book wants to point at this rather obvious fact. These reflections address many facets of contemporary world and life that have been increasingly dominated and shaped by technology, especially by information technology. My criticism is often sharp, but it does not regard technology in itself, but rather the ways in which and the purposes for which it has been used. The negative aspects have been getting stronger in recent time; noisy advertisements, stupefying propaganda and hypocrisy burst out from billions of screens and loudspeakers around the world. My criticism wants to point at such tendencies. It makes no sense to blame technology for what people have been doing with it. It could make some sense to blame people, although this does not usually have much effect either.

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