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Industrial tourism in Istria

Gržinić, Jasmina and Zanketić, Patricia and Bačac, Robert (2009) Industrial tourism in Istria. Ekonomska misao i praksa, 18 (2). pp. 211-233. ISSN 1330-1039

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The work aims at helping design and implement a plant tour to provide an additional source of revenue to the city of Labin. There are advantages in addition to generating extra revenue for the manufacturer to conduct tours of their plant ; tours need to be complicated to produce these benefits. This proces requires careful planning. Particular attention must be given to safety and catering of the tour participants. Today's tourists desire to experience the excitement of watching people and machines involved in their lives. Not only just by seeing the manufacturing process but also creating a unique experience that changes the perceptions of the visitor about the project. Companies that provide industrial tours in their facilities try hard to make the time spent during the tour a quality time. Museums are places where people are energized in a whole new way, especially when involved in the research Center tours. In the potential future tours the visitors see how an industry operates, with extensive safety awareness programs, environmental protection best practices and a sparkling-clean, orderly facility. Muzej Labin enhances the experience by enabling visitors to get the feel of the company culture and conscientious workforce. After these industrial tours, not only do visitors know more about the products they use, but they also see more value in the product. Their experience while «touching» the products they use will change their perception of the product for the rest of their lives, they feel more intense, they have experienced the process.

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