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Gastronomic identity of Istria : Food and wine itineres as tourism potential of rural Istria

Gržinić, Jasmina (2007) Gastronomic identity of Istria : Food and wine itineres as tourism potential of rural Istria. In: Konferenca z mednarodno udeležbo: Prepoznavna narodna gastronomija - potencial v turizmu, Bled, Slovenija.

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The Croatian cuisine is specific for every region, reflecting the country's geography, history, and culture. Istria is the first Croatian region which has long been visited by type of guest who regard gastronomy as one of the very important reasons for travelling. The study researches the hypothesis that by managing gastronomic preferences of the tourists with the cultural identities of the Istrian cuisine can be increased image of region as a tourism destination. The first one is the ability of Coastal and Rural tourism to develop a specific food offer as autochthonous tourist product of the region. On the other hand, creation of cultural and gastronomy itinereries as the implementation base of previously mentioned goal. And finally, the ability of society to benefit from current trends in the international tourism demand. The main reason for the theases above is that interest of everyday Istrian cuisine began to generate in recent decades, along with the development of agrotourism. Also, agrotourism is the key gastronomic feature of the interior of Istria with a range of dishes. Coastal part of Istria is open for family-friendly activities based on the coast events as fish and wine tasting nights. The paper indicate the importance of formulating and carrying out a tourism destination product as a complex of different elements of tourism offer.

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Ključni pojmovi: Istria, tourism product, gastronomy, itinereries
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