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Partnerships between organisations involved in actively promoting the Istrian destination attractiveness

Gržinić, Jasmina and Miškulin, Loreta (2008) Partnerships between organisations involved in actively promoting the Istrian destination attractiveness. In: International Scientific Conference Management in the Function of Increasing the Tourism Consumption, Opatija.

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The destination marketing has controle, by its organisations, on destination environment in order to maximise tourist success. The preparation required to be made for attracting tourists need to match customer requirements. Attractiveness and customer requirements are still not properly defined before arrivals in Istrian destinations. As a more discretionary activity, these attractions will draw people seeking lighter experiences. Different types of tourist seek different experiences. (McKercher, Du Cros ; 2007). This means, the quality of experience is in causal relationship with the level of tourist animation. The aim of this research is to explore the possibilities of tourism demand activity in the process of creating attractions in order to increase the same trend in the region in Istria. On the one hand, in this process, the role of destination marketing becomes a key factor in recognizing and promoting tourist attractions. From the other point of view, destination image creation is rarely made in the cooperation with travel agencies. In order to prove the theses, the authors have investigated what are the main attractions of the area, which can help to increase its popularity in the future, and what is the travel agency’ s responsibility for increasing the popularity of a destination. The findings can help destination attraction “ designers” and travel agents as a part of the tourism system to recognize customer requirements and connect them to the receiving tourist market.

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