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Labour markets and taxes in Europe: How much do governments bite the hands that feed them?

Tomić, Iva and Grdović Gnip, Ana (2011) Labour markets and taxes in Europe: How much do governments bite the hands that feed them? Priručnik. VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, Saarbrücken.

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Can high labour costs and/or labour market rigidity be held responsible for high unemployment in Europe? Do higher tax burdens imply lower level of competitiveness? If this is so, then each individual government is accountable, since high taxes and social security contributions are usually considered as the main culprit for lower employment and, thus, lower (labour force) competitiveness. Still, when assessing government influence (‘bites’) via taxes, as well as labour market indicators, the situation in Europe differs extremely from one country to another. This book, therefore, investigates the relationship between government ‘tax bites’ and labour market performances in a sample of 32 European countries. In fact, it divides Europe into groups with respect to tax burdens and labour market indicators. Furthermore, this book illustrates how governments changed their taxing systems in the recent crisis in order to influence labour market outcomes. According to its content and style, the book is addressed to a wider audience, with main intent towards the academic community, including students. It could also be useful to different policy makers, both at EU and individual country level.

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Tip objekta: Monografija (Priručnik)
Ključni pojmovi: competitiveness, labour market, employment, unemployment, EPL index, tax burden, tax wedge, cluster analysis, crisis, Europe
Teme: 3 Društvene znanosti > 33 Ekonomija. Ekonomska znanost > 331 Rad. Zaposlenost. Poslodavci, zaposleni. Ekonomika rada. Organizacija rada. > 331.5 Tržište rada. Zapošljavanje
3 Društvene znanosti > 33 Ekonomija. Ekonomska znanost > 336 Financije. Uključujući: Javne financije. Bankarstvo. Novac > 336.2 Javni prihodi > 336.221.264 Porezni teret. Porezna stopa
Odjeli: Fakultet ekonomije i turizma "Dr. Mijo Mirković"
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Zadnja promjena: 20 Feb 2014 07:03
URI: http://eknjiznica.unipu.hr/id/eprint/3154

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