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Changing culture of tourism

Dujmović, Mauro and Vitasović, Aljoša (2011) Changing culture of tourism. In: Restating the case for tourism in higher education. University of Brighton, Eastbourne : The Association of Tourism in Higher Education. C/O: Centre for Tourism Policy Studies (CENTOPS), University of Brighton, pp. 34-46. ISBN 978-0-9568772-0-8

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In the context of a fast changing world and forces of geographical transformation, globalisation and international migration, tourism undoubtedly acquires new dimensions, properties and directions. By utilising critical theory, it is our aim to reveal and indicate new trends and tendencies in tourism and encourage readers to think critically and question the assumptions inherent in much writing about tourism. The article begins by reviewing the position and defining the culture of tourism within the framework of contemporary culture and society. Subsequently the article considers some elements involved in the production of tourist places and the last section of the article highlights new trends in tourism related to embodied tourist practices. The central argument of this paper is that the traditional notions of tourism experiences and practices have been modified because of a range of contradictory socio-cultural developments occurring in the field of contemporary tourism. The article outlines the nature of such changes and points out that if disorganised capitalism involves the predominance of culture, consumption, the global, that is, the dominance of non material forms of production, then all these characterise contemporary tourism.

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