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Hybrid recommender system for LMS

Turk, Marko and Etinger, Darko (2013) Hybrid recommender system for LMS. In: Society and Technology 2013. International Federation of Communication Associations - IFCA, Croatian Communication Association - CCA, Alma Mater Europaea – European Center Maribor (AMA – ECM), Zagreb, pp. 343-349. ISBN 978-953-6226-25-2

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Recommender systems have been widely used in many internet activities and services, mainly to overcome the information overload problem. Some of those activities which are related to e-commerce, web searching, digital library systems and censorship systems (Jannach et al. 2010) may be used for recommendations of available adequate and associated learning resources in learning management solutions. The goal of this article is a conceptual hybrid recommender system for LMS proposal. Combination of some of well-known recommender system approaches (Burke at al. 2007, Ricci et al. 2011) in before mentioned activities may be used for recommendation of suitable learning resources based on content, context and demographics of a learner, boosting the effectiveness of learning management solutions. Specifically, this conceptual hybrid recommender system proposal for LMS allows individualized real-time recommendations to find adequate and associated learning objects from multiple learning management systems as well as suitable multiple online digital library resources according to learners' demographics that could be of great use to successfully acquire knowledge of currently enrolled courses in LMS.

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Ključni pojmovi: recommender systems, learning management systems, online digital library, technology enabled learning
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