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Changes in climate and the development of tourism

Šehanović, Jusuf and Žugaj, Miroslav and Alfirević, Nikša and Križman, Danijela (1998) Changes in climate and the development of tourism. In: Cooperation and development in the Mediterranean. Ekonomski fakultet Split, Split, p. 36.

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Climate is a significant element of the touristic offerings of all the Mediterranean countries, including Croatia. Climatic characteristics are among the principle factors influencing the development of the Croatian tourism, wich can be proved by many surveys, showing that the enjoyable climate and the natural beauties are the primary motivation for visiting Croatia. The changes in climate have been often discussed during the last few years. The issue has been raised, whether the climatic features, unusual either by the intensity or the time of appearance, disclose the unfortunate influence of the social systems. A correlated issue to be esamined is the necessity of perceiving these changes and adapting to the forthcoming natural environment. Nemly, we believe that responding to the crisis after it becomes obvious is usually more expensive that the price to be paid if it is observed timely, and the appropriate actions taken to adapt to new circumstances. In this paper, we shall try to determine which attitude should be taken toward the long-term ecological problems and what is the appropriate course of actions for their resolving. If we all just collectively sit back and do nothing, the future could be uncertain and dangerous. In order to foster the further development of tourism, our main objective is to point out the significance of addressing the following ecological issues: which changes in climate have already taken place, which climatic changes can be expected, what is their anticipated intensity, and what effect will they have on the development of tourism.

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