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Toward Global Governance

Krtalić, Sandra and Govorko, Ante (2011) Toward Global Governance. In: Global Aspects of Insurance. Sveučilište Jurja Dobrile u Puli, Odjel za ekonomiju i turizam "Dr. Mijo Mirković", pp. 379-412.

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Since the earliest days, people had a need to protect themselves and the property they acquired. As the social development accelerated and grew over time, the needs for new forms of protection also emerged and insurance became a necessity in protection against various and numerous risks brought on by everyday life. In current times, the insurance industry is global because insurers from Europe and the United States of America do business around the world, as do insurers from other countries as well. The growing insurance sector followed the trends of the globalised world and insurance became an imperative, because different forms of insurance are present in all spheres of the society. This study will portray the development of insurance since its earliest beginnings up to the present day when the insurance industry has a global character, employs millions of people throughout the world and written premiums are counted in trillions of dollars. The study aims to portray the role and significance of the global character of insurance and to analyse the relationship between insurance and economic development in the context of the current recession environment. New types of insurance are developing and insurance companies are growing in an international environment. The developed world countries also have the most developed insurance markets, and the market penetration level is much higher than in the developing markets. It is presumed that in the future the developing countries and their markets will have the largest growth rates.

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