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The role of the ITs in the development of tourism sustainability - ”smart tourism in the smart city”

Petrinić, Ivica (2011) The role of the ITs in the development of tourism sustainability - ”smart tourism in the smart city”. In: Scientific Symposium with International Participation ”Environment and Development - Perspectives of Sustainability”. -, Zagreb.

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Global trend of rapid urban growth has put more than half of the world's population into cities. Information technologies represent an important tool for the improvement of the quality of life of its citizens and contribution to environmental sustainability therefore utilisation of networked infrastructure and development of "smart city" seems to be without alternatives. Establishment of a network needed to collate and manage the data as well as their systematic analysis are of critical importance in the effort to enable more intelligent city management. Everyday usage of the technological infrastructures of the complex city systems such as transport, communication, energy or water or the contemporary way of urban living produce vast amount of data enabling "smart" usages of intelligent solutions and management practices with enormous potentials for sustainable prosperity. By analysing the Venice connected project and its effort to constantly monitor the flow of tourists we discuss the challenge of cultural heritage, environmental and natural resource preservation while at the same time promoting the economic interests and the welfare of the local community.

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Ključni pojmovi: ICT, sustainable tourism, smart city
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