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Achieving competitiveness on the Croatian and foreign markets through total quality management (TQM)

Pešić, Maja and Krapljanov, Ojdana and Gržinić, Jasmina (2009) Achieving competitiveness on the Croatian and foreign markets through total quality management (TQM). In: Abstracts of the 10th International Conference The influence of Global economic recesion on Tourism. Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality, Ohrid, p. 95. ISBN 978-9989-179-74-7

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Quality, as a means of fulfilling the needs and demands of consumers and meeting their ever increasing demands and expectations, goes back to the very beginnings of human economic activity, stretching from the first primitive communities up to the present day. There has always been some kind of specification which we today call norms and standards, and according to which a product or service was approved or rejected. Poor quality means a bad reputation on the commercial market, unemployment and finally the failure of the company. Quality is the goal, as it must be geared and responsive to the needs and expectations of buyers and users if a company wishes to be competitive on the market. Quality requires the constant inclusion of all concerned, who are responsible for the creation of new products, their sustainability and adaptation. Understanding, trusting and valuing employees are attributes that will contribute to guaranteeing joint success. Quality is also a methodology that promotes participation, motivation and responsibility, so that work organisation and processes are based on care for the consumer and respect for his/her wishes. This paper studies the introduction of Total Quality Management (TQM) in a company manufacturing flexible packaging and processing aluminium foil for the food, confectionary, meat and beverage industries. Results confirm cost reduction, the engagement of human imagination, promotion of innovation, the improvement of organisation and support for initiative, through which quality becomes the main driving force for competitiveness, and thus also for employment in the company itself. The introduction of the TQM system on a competitive market provides a basis for a reliable and efficient business operation which will win trust and increase effectiveness and flexibility towards buyers and suppliers, thereby involving all branches of the economy in the business process.

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