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Optimalno projektiranje tehnoloških procesa putem računala

Tenić, Asim and Šehanović, Jusuf (2003) Optimalno projektiranje tehnoloških procesa putem računala. In: Management and organization development, collection of papers from 22th International Scientific Conference on Development of Organizational Sciences. Publishing house, Kranj, pp. 315-324.

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Fundamental production activities in engineering represent technological procesess which define order of production of engire parts, as well as the order operationalisation. In order for the built parts to function in exploitation, they have to fulfill certian technical conditions which must be made aveilable by the means of technological processes Technological process the production of parts with minimal expences. Such technological processes are called optimal and the criterium for this is in the cost effectivenes of the processing. This essay exposes the algorithm for the projecting of optimal technological processes. That algorithm is adapted in such a way as to ensure its application on a computer. Bisade that, it is geeven way of coordination geometric object.

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