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Sources and ways of information of family agricultural holdings in Istria

Šehanović, Jusuf and Milotić, Aldo and Oplanić, Milan (1998) Sources and ways of information of family agricultural holdings in Istria. In: Izzivi managementa. Fakulteta za organizacijske vede, Kranj, pp. 593-599.

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Agriculture is traditionally one of the keys economic branches in Istria. New dimensions have been got by development of tourism and agriculture. On one hand the tourism has become a new market place to place agricultural products, but it too away the agriculturists from villages and ground. So, the last few decades the development of agriculture in Istria has been characterized by abandonment of cultivated soils. Partly areas which had no conditions for intensive productions were left as well as productive interesting areas . From the total amount of ground areas the expanse of agricultural soils in 1993. in Istria is 163 365 ha. or 59, 62% from which private owness is 72%. From all about 71 185 family holdings in 1994., agricultural number is 19013 or 26,71%. From the supposition of agricultural development is going to be based on Family agricultural holdings indispensably is among all, make the state of family agricultural holdings, try to find the instrument of lasting motivation, to be involved in agriculture, make the model by which family agricultural holding will successfully function in agricultural system of country and permanent following of its development. The decision of the Republic of Croatia is for the development of holding of market bases, so the agricultural politics is determined with the aim of animating the effects of production and marketing in the way which improves the welfare of agriculturists and protects natural resources. Because of up mentioned and for integrational plans of the Republic of Croatia, it is unavoidable of forming information system for the needs of agricultural sectors and its joining to narrower and wider environment. As information system is a picture of business system its building and establishments are complexive and durative job which beginning should be as soon as possible. Information system, among the others, must ensure relevant and in time information of agriculturists. According to that reason, main aim of work is set: research present source and ways of information of family agricultural holdings with the aim of getting better results in agricultural production and place of those products. The research has been done by polling questionnaire on the speciment of 740 family agricultural holdings at all regions of Istria. Got results are related to: membership of associations, sources of information (general and professional), subscription and buying professional literature, ways of communications with the sources of information. The paper gives the judgment of present state of sources and ways of information of family agricultural holdings and suggestions of improvement.

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