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Woman Manager ang Human Factor in the Republic of Croatia, the Situation and Tendencies

Gonan Božac, Marli and Paulišić, Morena (2004) Woman Manager ang Human Factor in the Republic of Croatia, the Situation and Tendencies. In: International Scientific Conference on Organizational Science Development Management, Knowledge and EU , 24.-26.03.2004., Portorož, Slovenija.

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The paper was based on the survey results carried out on 119 woman managers in the Republic of Croatia, and research at the table. The research goal was to determine mutual characteristics of women managers regarding the motivation. Based on the conclusion of past researches, characteristics of female leadership style were recognized in the term of democratic and participative style, cooperation with co-workers, being a positive example, establishing qualitative working environment, etc. However, it was noted that woman work rather by precise instructions and rulers. They use techniques of awards and punishment to stimulate employees' work, and they also respect hierarchy with the possibility of exception, which, at the end, can indicate the presence of classical approach to management.

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Tip objekta: Materijal konferencije ili radionice (Paper)
Ključni pojmovi: motivation, women in management, Republic of Croatia
Teme: 6 Tehnologija (primijenjene znanosti) > 65 Menadžment i organizacija industrije, trgovine i komunikacija > 65.01 Metode i metodologija. Teorija i praksa organizacije > 65.012.4 Menadžment. Uprava. Ravnateljstvo Tehnike i metode upravljanja
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