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Corporate Social Responsibility and Businesss Competitiveness

Gonan Božac, Marli and Dragaš, Mirjana and Dragaš, Vesna (2011) Corporate Social Responsibility and Businesss Competitiveness. In: Toward global governance. Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, pp. 489-520.

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This paper will show the evolution of the corporate social responsibility concept (CSR) based on the relevant research made so far. Its purpose is to provide a reference point for interpreting and considering the existing research work as well as that which could take place in the future. This paper aims at pointing out the effects which CSR has on companies and their competitiveness. The article therefore contributes to the considerations about the purpose and objective of introducing CSR into a regular business process emphasizing that this represents a basis for strengthening competitiveness. This article will point out the need for adopting, implementing and developing the concept of CSR by an ever growing number of companies. By using a theory-review based approach it will offer an outline of chosen authors' reviews on the subject. A more active development of the CSR concept started in the 1960s, when the then perception of company's business changed in terms of companies recognizing the need to introduce the social aspect into their business operations. The authors examined the influence of CSR on company's competitiveness with a special overview of the problem of measuring such influence. By applying the methods of induction and deduction and the method of analysis and synthesis of the implemented research results, the interdependence between CSR and business competitiveness has been confirmed, which represents a significant step forward in understanding and future work on this problem area.

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