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Marketing management of consulting services and Croatian customers behaviour

Benazić, Dragan (2012) Marketing management of consulting services and Croatian customers behaviour. In: Marketing challenges in new economy. Sveučilište Jurja Dobrile u Puli. ISBN 978-953-7498-57-3

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Management Consulting Services (MC Services) are professional business services utilised by the company management to provide solutions to various business problems of a company. MC Services are services whose supply and successfulness are based on the transfer of knowledge and information and the New Economy recognises them as the most important factors of formation and maintenance of the competitive ability of a company (Šverko, Benazić, 2007). For that reason, they are extremely intangible, heterogeneous and they require an active interaction between the management and the business consultants so that the benefits from the transfer of knowledge and information may be garnered. Since the engagement of MC Services represents an investment, the decisionmaking process on the purchase of this service and on the selection of the service provider is a complex one. As a rule, a major number of people (buying centre) are involved in the procurement and decision-making about employing the services of a particular MC Services provider, decisions that are chiefly brought rationally and the process of decision-making is often formalised with clearly defined criteria of selection of the best bidder and a defined weight of individual criteria. (Homburg and Krohmer, 2009) The mentioned central characteristics of MC Services impose the necessity of development and of the application of a marketing concept adapted to their characteristic features. The development of a special MC Services marketing concept should be based on the information about the behaviour of the organizational consumers that greatly differs from the behaviour of final consumers or customers that trade in material goods. Scientific literature mentions a great number of different theories and models that explain organizational behaviour from various aspects and they can be used as a basis for the explanation of MC Services’ customer behaviour but the empirical research of customer behaviour and of the process of decision-making regarding the purchase of MC Services is still lacking. The aim of this work is to determine and to analyse certain important aspects of behaviour of Croatian MC Services customers on the basis of an empirical research carried out on a suitable sample of 110 managers. Concurrently, during the analysis of certain aspects of the behaviour of MC Services customers, implications for the management of the marketing of MC Services providers are indicated at, especially the implications involving instruments of the marketing mix. Among the selected aspects of behaviour, the types and problems of the MC Services employed by Croatian companies, the motives and aims of their employment, the position of persons in the company and their influence on selection of the provider, the criteria of selection of a service provider, the habits of usage of MC Services and certain aspects of the relationship between the customer and the business consultants are particularly researched and analysed. Prior to the results of the research of the behaviour of Croatian MC Services customers, a short definition of the term and a brief description of the characteristics of MC Services is given along with the review of the theories that can be used for the explanation of MC Services customer behaviour. Within the theories of MC services customer behaviour, a short review of the classical theory of organizational business decision-making is given and the postulates of organizational behaviour in purchasing are reviewed along with the theories of interaction.

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