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Image management in the function of target brand positioning tourism destination

Šerić, Neven and Pepur, Mario and Kalinić, Stjepan (2012) Image management in the function of target brand positioning tourism destination. In: Marketing challenges in new economy. Sveučilište Jurja Dobrile u Puli. ISBN 978-953-7498-57-3

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Management of destination image is a way of creating distinguished tourist brand (Butler, 2002: 94). This represents researcher's challenge, especially in the countries in which tourism is a strategic economic sector, like in Croatia (Cetinski, Perić, Smolčić Jurdana, 2006: 108). Certain researches were done on global level, but on the Croatian level, similar researches are still rare. Guided by that aim, as a part of implementation of branding municipality Gradac project, which is currently being done by authors, certain cognitions revealed to be scientifically relevant for designing a specific model of image destination management for wider usage. In approach, there are tactical guidelines of image management, offered in the function of target brand positioning. Research showed that basic guidelines on which the model of image destination management should be developed are the complexity of components, multilayer destination brand, environmental relativity and dynamics. Implementation of these guidelines in image destination management results in the purposefulness of creating the tourist brand model. An unsystematic approach has negative repercussion on the image and destination brand positioning. The appropriate positioning of the tourist destination brand assumes the balance between guests’ impressions about the image. Differences between guest impressions are not acceptable (Vodeb, 2006: 205). Because of that fact, it's important to establish a systematic model for image destination management. Prerequisite for this is a relevant promotion of the tourist resources of the destination. Destination image is a reflection of personality and identity of the destination. Destination image management in the function of creating an effective brand of destination is based on methodology of product management. Destination image is created on recognizable destination identity, and through promotion of that identity. Image answers these questions: what is destination and what is the destination like? Identity clarifies dilemma on how local population perceives a destination. In that sense, it's advisable to do a research and gather relevant information in that context. Destination identity depends on the tourist resources and the value of the destination. Destination image is a term wider than the attitudes about the destination. Image is a more personal perception of the destination. If the destination image is not being managed systematically, guests' impressions will vary. In order to reduce the variation on an acceptable level, the systematic management of the destination image is very important. It is one of the basic marketing platforms in destination branding. The strategic management of the tourist destination image presupposes the research and evaluation of the identity of the destination. Actions which are taken in that context imply adjusted promotional mix, in connection with targeted emissive tourist markets. Activities of strategic destination image management that aim at positioning competitive advantages of a destination can be directed towards supporting the current image, but also towards the creation of new (advanced) image. The main assumption of the strategic image management of the tourist destination is ponderability of the facts that create an impression about the destination. The aim of research presented in this paper was to offer a model of the destination image management in function of the desired positioning of tourist destination brand Gradac.

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